Togouchi Sake Cask Finish Japanese Whisky 40%


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Togouchi distillery has been making liquor, sake and shochu, a traditional Japanese alcohol, with the greatest care and attention since 1918. In 1990, it began to make whisky and the Togouchi brand was born. Since then, Chugoku Jozo has developed and refined its skills and techniques to make some of the very best Japanese nectars.

In the oak casks used for aging white wines in Japanese wineries, Togouchi matured Sake (junmai-shu) brewed by them and then used the Sake Cask to wood finish for Togouchi whisky. With a light fruit scent and a moderate acidity derived from white wine and Sake, a sweetness like brown sugar derived from the wood finish, the harmony of sweet taste with the mellow fruity aroma is enjoyable.