Tinto de Rulo Pipeno 2020


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Region: Bio Bio Valley, Chile
Grapes: Pais
First Glance: Juicy, Red Fruited, Rustic Charm

The Wine:
Tinto de Rulo is the project of three friends who, by pooling resources, make wine together – but even then it’s a small project, making just 1200 cases in total. These grapes come from vineyards in Yumbel planted on granite soils where the vines are at least 70 years old. The vines are pruned in a gobelet trellis system and all vineyard management is organic and only minute amounts of sulphur are used to prevent fungal diseases. 

After manual de-stemming, 50% of the juice is fermented in big lagares of old Raulí wood (Chilean oak), and 50% in Old amphoras (Clay Tanks). Fermentation is spontaneous and without the addition of commercial yeasts. The entire fermentation process lasts around three weeks, with daily manual stirring and the monitoring of temperature and density so as to ensure the wine´s integrity. When the fermentation ends, the wine is aged for 4 to 5 month in old barrels and Pipas (big barrels made of Raulí wood).

Red fruits such as Strawberry with some earthy and rustic hints sit on the nose. The palate is filled with fresh red fruits, with delicate tannins. Juicy and refreshing acidity.