Somos Rosado & Amigos 2023


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Region: Multi-Regional (Organic vineyards around South Australia
Grapes: 56% Dolcetto, 46% Grenache, 4% Barbera
First Glance: Delicate, Floral, Juicy, Red Fruit

The Wine:
The Rosado and Amigos is a pretty and light rosé made from a unique blend of varieties, which create an interesting and frisky little number. Opposite to the powerhouse that is our Barbera Rosé, we strived to make something lighter and a bit more delicate. The Dolcetto and Grenache marry beautifully with candied aromas, slushed around with juicy cranberries and a lovely jasmine floral character. That little bit of Barbera gives it a bit more acid, texture, and length, and ties the whole thing together. A slightly chalky texture with a lovely cherry and watermelon finish.