Rockford Alicante Bouchet 2023


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Region: Barossa Valley
Grapes: Alicante Bouchet
First Glance: Red Fruit, Off-Dry, Generous 

The Wine:
Because the flesh of this distinctive variety is bright red, there’s no need for the skins and juice to sit together to extract the colour and flavour before pressing. It’s one of a handful of varieties in the world which exhibits this characteristic. The exception to the rule! Rockford has always been dedicated to the traditional varieties of the Barossa, but for more than 25 years this unique grape has allowed us to make an easy drinking, full flavoured, low alcohol wine. 

The wine itself is an excellent reflection of the best of Alicante – fresh, generous, aromatic rose-style wine that is lower in alcohol with cherry and strawberry flavours. It is best served chilled.