Picardy Pinot Noir 2021


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Region: Pemberton
Grapes: Pinot Noir
First Glance: Pretty, Delicate, Red Fruited, Structured

The Wine:

The first wine produced at Picardy was the 1996 Pinot Noir. Picardy Pinots exhibit finesse and complexity, inspired by the great Pinot Noir wines of the old world. Excellent fruit intensity, structure, pH to acid relationship and fine-grained tannins guarantee long life and excellent bottle development. The wines are also very approachable in their early years.

Already radiating with pleasure, the gentle weather of 2021 has translated into a wine of up-front drinkability and charm. Slightly floral, showcasing red fruits at this stage: raspberries, strawberry compote and signature sour cherries. Stylistically more old world than new. Wedged between two bolder years, this year’s Estate Pinot has an innately refined, feminine beauty to it. As such, while never intended to catch your eye as the boldest piece of art in the gallery, its complexity and refinement will hold your gaze the longest.