Noble Rot Dont Sulphur Fools Issue 30


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In Noble Rot’s 30th Issue, Editor Dan Keeling asks, “Are the Sulphur Wars finally coming to an end?”. Keeling’s impassioned essay reels in the recent experiences of two talismans of the zero-sulphur movement, quotes the Bird (Charlie Parker) and, ultimately, argues for a cessation of hostilities. “We’re delighted that divisions over one of the most important methods for wine preservation and hygiene are fast giving way to a middle ground,” writes Keeling. Amen.

Also in this issue…

Saint-Joseph with Jean-Louis Chave and Jean Gonon, a profile of Corsica’s Sciaccarellu grape, France’s tiniest domaines, culinary legends Angela Hartnett and Delia Smith, Alice Feiring on temporarily losing her smell, and Brawn chef Ed Wilson on Beurre Blanc with Muscadet (RIP The Green Man & French Horn). All this, and more words of wisdom from columnists Marina O’Loughlin, Simon Hopkinson and John Niven, among much more.