Moet & Chandon Brut NV Mini 200ml


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Region: Champagne, France
Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier
First Glance: Iconic, celebratory and highly loveable

Moet & Chandon's Imperial Brut is probably one of the most easily recognisable bottles of wine in the world, and for good reason - Moet is the single largest producer of Champagne, and the number of bottles produced every year reaches well into the 30-some-million (that translates to around 10% of the total Champagne production!)

As a giant in the region, and as part of the prestigious LVHM group, Moet has access to grapes from all through out the region to craft their beloved blend. Brut Imperial NV comprises over 100 different wines, with about 30% of them reserve wines, blended together to form this renowned house style which has been starting celebrations since 1869. 

With its citrus and lime blossom aromas and a hint of brioche and fleshy white peach on the palate, it is well balanced with a light freshness. Perfect for every celebration.