Madre Mezcal Espadin


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Bottled in recycled glass, it’s a smooth yet intense Mezcal, artfully balancing Espadin’s natural depth of herbal and citrus flavors with a lingering, delicately smoky, earth-scented finish. The palate is succulent, balanced and mouth-filling, so while it sips beautifully on its own, it also works beautifully in an upscaled version of tequila-based cocktails.

About this mezcal

Madre Espadin is made with 100% Espadin maguey. Bright and clean, Madre Espadin is an easy-drinking spirit with earthy aromas and balanced taste. The palate opens with lively hints of ginger and pine, grounded with sandalwood and light mesquite. Round and full texture, with a soft alcohol impression on the finish.

Madre Espadin is produced by Carlos Blas and family using fully mature agaves from their farms in Miahuatlan, Matatlan, and San Dionisio. The harvested espadin is pit roasted separately, only using plants from each individual area, and the final mezcals are blended within a general, standard ratio with only slight adjustments to achieve the desired flavor and quality profile.

Madre Mezcal

Madre Mezcal is a certified Mezcal Artesenal, made by hand in the hills of Oaxaca. Madre Mezcal is produced in small batches by various mezcaleros and their families in different parts of Oaxaca::

  • Jose Ines Garcia Morales and family in San Dionisio
  • The Vasquez family in Miahuatlan
  • Carlos Blas and family in Matatlan