Kings County Moonshine Un-aged Whisky 375ml


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Kings County Distillery's Moonshine (un-aged whiskey) is distilled from 80% New York State organic corn and 20% malted barley, sourced from the UK. The latter represents one of the highest proportions of malted barley on a US whiskey's mash bill. It is double distilled in gooseneck copper pot stills to yield a lower distillation proof, rich in flavor and mouthfeel. The Kings County distillers use very narrow cuts, essentially the heart of the hearts, to draw off a very clean, pure distillate. Nothing at all is added.

Kings County's 'white dog' or 'white lightning' - as moonshine is sometimes called - distinguishes itself with its fabulous balance, its pure, bright and intense aromatics and its silky mouthfeel. It is not chill filtered so retains all the malted grain and corn oil characters that are captured straight off the still. It's a seductively perfumed and tasty whiskey, with bready, dough like and corn meal aromas leading to a pillowy smoothness in the mouth that is more than rare for the genre. Makes one of best Bloody Mary's going around, but is also perfect for sipping. All class.

"Absolutely spot on corn whiskey; sweet, clean, berry-fruit, very well made and does exactly what it says on the tin."

92 points, Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible 2017