Kenzie Tearz White Noir


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Region: Hawke's Bay, NZ
Grapes: Pinot noir (85%), Chardonnay (15%)
First Glance:
 Gentle and pretty blanc de Noir

An idea born out of lockdown, a whole bunch pressed, white noir, from a blend of Pinot noir and Chardonnay.

Wholebunch fruit pressed direct to tank with full solids. Wild fermentation for 18 days, then racked to old oak puncheons (500L), to undergo natural malolactic fermentation.
After 4 months of maturing at cool temperatures, Tearz was racked to tank for bottling. No fining or filtration. Minimal sulphur was added two weeks before bottling.

Maraschino cherry, rhubarb and fresh strawberry. A savoury, dry wine with a creamy, chewy texture and flavours of red apple skins and brioche. A highly drinkable and fully chilled wine.