Hine H by Hine Cognac 40% 700ml


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Cognac H by Hine VSOP

Founded in 1763, Hine Cognacs are highly regarded around the world for their quality and complexity – from the entry-level H By Hine to the prestige cuvée Talent. The house is one of the few to regularly release vintage Cognacs, aged in the cellar until they are ready for bottling.

Made from blended eaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne grapes.

H by Hine is whimsical. If it were a young man, it would have the keen eye of Dick Diver in Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. Adventurous, lively and elegant, it is the ideal sidekick for daring cocktails and a flamboyant soloist when served neat with a dash of cold tonic.

H by Hine is a young cognac with a taste for adventure and originality. Serve frozen in a shot glass with sashimi. Or simply over ice with tonic, cider or ginger ale, garnished with a twist of lime, cucumber or rosemary.


Tasting note: "The nose is fresh and fruity with a youthful and lively aroma. Peaches, apricots, white grape juice and vibrant floral notes are found on both the nose and palate. Soft wood spices and just a gentle prickle of cinnamon along with a subtle nutty quality provide a modest depth to the cognac. As it is young, the finish is short, but that is to be expected. This is a solid cognac for cocktail use." 40% Alc./Vol. (Stephanie Moreno - Distiller.com)