Fernet Branca


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Fernet Branca has been produced according to a secret family prescription at the Fratelli Branca Distillery in Milan since 1845. Over forty aromatic herbs, blossoms and spices such as enzian, safron, myrrh and camomile are used in its production. Although Fernet goes well over ice or with gin, it's often prescribed as a drink to prevent hangovers. According to Esquire's Handbook for Hosts from 1949, when mixed with rye, a few dashes of Pernod, and a lump of ice, Fernet Branca makes for an ideal pick-me-up. The health-enhancing properties of Fernet have made it the favoured "digestivo" at dinner tables across the world; traditionally served straight up at the end of a meal, it aids in digestion and cleanses the palate. This versatile liqueur can also be used to spike espresso to make the famous "caffè corretto" (literally, "spiked coffee") which is served all over the world. In recent years, as a new generation has discovered this invigorating liqueur, many have begun to serve it with cola, fruit juice, Grenadine, Energy drinks and even beer!