Equipo Navazos Casa del Inca Pedro Ximenez 2017


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The Wine:

The thin skin of the Pedro Ximénez variety favors the rapid dehydration of the berries in the sun, which makes this variety ideal for making sweet raisin wines. Today, almost all the sweet PX must is produced in the raisin fields of the Montilla-Moriles region (in particular, in Montalbán, Montemayor and Puente Genil), which will later be raised in the different Andalusian wine-producing areas.

The Casa del Inca, in Montilla, is the former residence of the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, where he wrote much of his literary production. After its restoration, its use is linked to the winery tradition of the city.

Grapes harvested very ripe, several laps of exposure to the sun at the end of summer and a careful extraction at different pressures by means of powerful hydraulic presses are the key to the starting quality of the must. A second key is the top quality vinous alcohol headline. The third, and last in regard to vintage PXs not subjected to aging in wood, is time: a year or more of rest in the traditional cones or jars that have been used in Montilla-Moriles for centuries.