Dr Edge 'Concrete' Pinot Noir 2023


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Region: Tasmania
Grapes: Pinot Noir
First Glance: Mineral, Earthy, Textural, Red Fruited 
Acclaim: 95pts

The Wine:

Dr Edge Tasmania Pinot Noir  is a blend of Derwent Valley (70%) & Tamar Valley (30%)  fruit.  The Pinot Noir blend cumulated from the press over the course of the harvest is the same as the 'Tasmania blend' matured in oak barrels. However, this portion of the blend is matured in a closed concrete tank for 9 months.  Then bottled without filtration or the use of fining agents.

"Same wine, different maturation vessel. An interesting way to compare the impact of the two. They will likely be blended going forward but I wanted to give you all a chance to look and compare the two if interested." - Peter Dredge

The Review:
Gary Walsh, The Wine Front - 95pts
"The colour seems just a little darker, and the stony/earthy character here is turned up a notch. It’s spicy and fleshy, the tannin seemingly more deep and ferrous, the acidity less sappy and more settled. I love the ‘mineral’ chew this wine has, curiously the fruit profile also leans more towards dark cherry, albeit generally red fruited, plus an almost liquorice richness, and the finish is deep and rolling, with a sort of Nebbiolo sandy grip and succulence, and gentle bitterness. It may be an experiment, but gee, it’s a ‘Eureka!’ moment as far as I’m concerned. Such character. So good. This is the way."