Dr Edge "Ambrosia" Amber 2023


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Region: Tasmania
Grapes: Schonburger/Pinot Gris
First Glance: Fresh, Textural, Savoury

The Wine:
Dr Edge 'Ambrosia'  is a blend of Schonburger and Pinot Gris fruit from The Tamar Valley. Co fermented on skins for one week, its pressed to old oak casks to dry out and relax for two months, then bottled without filtration. 

This is not only for the skin contact crowd (they will go nuts over it) while it is soft amber in colour it is a very well-made wine.  It is fresh and bright, lychees, elderflower, peach and melon leap from the glass, while the palate is chalky and alive, with a nice tangy finish.

"Ambrosia is a sexually confused robot who thinks it is immortal." - Peter Dredge, Winemaker