Darroze Armagnac 8yrs Grand Assemblages


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Masterly blends

For several generations, the Darroze family has scoured Gascony in the Grands Crus centre of the Bas Armagnac region. Thousands of centuries old treasures are held in stock at the Darroze house. This diversity in the crus, the years, the grape varieties and the styles has allowed Marc Darroze to work on this range known as “Les Grands Assemblages” (The Great Blends). Chosen for their complementary characteristics, the selected armagnacs in each blend are different ages. Each age on the bottle indicates the age of the youngest Armagnac in the blend.

A varied aromatic palette

The fruity aromas in the younger blends, with flavours of chocolate and coffee for the older eaux de vie, changing to notes of spices and candied fruits around 30 years old; the aromatic palette evolves naturally over the years.
You can discover this evolution in each blend. Many years of ageing in 400 litre oak barrels have given the oiliness and roundness to the tannins so that each “Grand Assemblage” reveals its own proper balance between the alcohol, the aromas and the tannins.


“I cannot claim to have tasted all the finest Bas-Armagnacs, but I know of no one who makes finer Bas Armagnac than Darroze. All his Armagnacs are unblended from single vineyards from a single vintage. He is considered the “Pope of Armagnacs”… You haven’t tasted real old style Armagnacs until you try one of these incredibly intense, fiery creations. The aromas are undeniably heady, but deliver powerful yet complex scents of vanillin, leather, sauteed almonds, and hickory. Extremely full bodied and intense, the remarkable amount of fruit these Armagnacs possess and the astonishing richness they have set them apart from just about any other brandy on the market.” (Robert Parker – The wine advocate)