Schmolzer and Brown Riesling Obstgarten K 2022


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Region: King Valley
Grapes: Riesling
First Glance: Candied Peel, Off-Dry, Racy Acid, Grippy Texture
Acclaim: 94pts

The Wine:
A single vineyard, Kabinett-style Riesling from the second highest altitude Riesling vineyard in Victoria: mature, unirrigated and close-planted vines on the Whitlands high plateau. This has an evocative and evolving nose, with loads of orange, mandarin, candied ginger characters and light tropical fruits. In the mouth, there’s captivating texture with a line of sweetness that darts through the palate. Sometimes it looks sweeter, sometimes drier. Those tiny Italian glass bottles of peach nectar, passionfruit. Great concentration and a lime juicy finish. Evolves as it opens: give time in glass!

We love that Riesling true believers are starting to seek this wine out. Residual sugar Rieslings are still a bit niche in Australia but anyone who is partial to a Wittman, a Falkenstein, a Max Ferdinand Richter or a JJ Prum will appreciate that Obstgarten K offers a compelling and intellectual contrast, as well as the price advantage of buying Australian-grown and made.

The Review:
Mike Bennie, The Wine Front - 94pts
"Geez, VS&B know their way around Riesling. This is so delicious, so easy to drink, so charming, so compelling. So! It’s green apple crunch, a lick of honeycomb, some faint toffee notes but mostly all the apple, lime, lemon, lemongrass and alpine herbs going on. Squeaky texture, a little juicy too, a sprinkle of sherbetty acidity in the mix, the sweetness a quiet undertow and beautifully set in fresh fruit characters. The finish is a beautiful clatter of fruit, sweetness and cool, minerally acidity. This delivers so much joy."