Save Our Souls Pinot Grigio 2023


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Region: King Valley
Grapes: Pinot Grigio
First Glance: Soft, Fresh, Linear, Fun

The Wine:

The King River flows down from the heights of Victoria’s Alpine region and has done so for millennia, slowly building a fertile plain of mineral rich alluvial soils.  These soils are the broken-down bones of Victoria’s famous high-country.  Cool air follows the river down from the mountains, settling in the valley and slowing the ripening of the fruit on the vines that sit alongside the majestic river.  This cool climate produces subtle but complex wines that are beautifully balanced and finely structured.

After pressing into stainless steel tanks, the juice was allowed to ferment slowly to preserve fruit character and freshness. The wine was chilled immediately when dry to prevent Malo-lactic fermentation and capture the lovely subtle characters of kiwifruit and white peach.  A moderate amount of acidity provides a bracing backdrop and refreshing finish.