Rudolf Trossen Silbermond Feinherb Riesling 2021


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Region: Mosel
Grapes: Riesling
First Glance: Off-Dry, Searing Acid, Fresh Citrus, Juicy 

The Wine:
A biodynamic off-dry Riesling, grown on soils from red slate. The vineyard is located around the village of Kienheim-Kindel in the heart of the Mosel. Many vines are very old (about 100 years old) and surprisingly resistant to phylloxera. Harvested by hand when the berries reach optimum ripeness. The vineyard and the cellar adhere to organic practices with minimal interference with the natural process. Long aging on the lees gives depth of flavor and excellent texture. The wine is bottled after light filtration, without the addition of sulfur. Without the stabilizing agent sulfur, Riesling takes on a completely different smell and taste than usual, and reveals previously unknown depth and sophistication. According to Rudolph and Rita, they love "Silbermond" Riesling Feinherb for "its lightness, it is only 11% vol., Its pronounced minerality and light spice reminiscent of citrus fruits."