Mahi Sauvignon Blanc 2022


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Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
First Glance: Fresh citrus, green gooseberry, aromatic, textural

Mahi ("Our craft") was tarted in the early 2000's by husband and wife team Brian and Nicola Bicknell. The initial focus was on exploring different sites around Marlborough, utilizing the variance of sites and microclimates around the complex valleys, in a region where individuality and the reverence for "origin" is often downplayed or ignored entirely. This approach serves as a means to make less stream-lined and commercial expressions of the classic New Zealand varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and of course, the all important Sauvignon Blanc. As such, all the Mahi wines are made with low-cropped, hand-harvested fruit, and where possible the vineyards are tended organically. In the cellar the approach is hands-off to allow for the natural flavours of the vineyards to carry over into the wines. 

The regional blended "Marlborough" Sauvignon Blanc incorporates fruit from 7 different sites, chosen for their complimentary qualities, some bringing fruit weight others tension and so on. The wines sees a small amount of neutral oak ageing, as well as the inclusion of natural yeasts from the vineyards in the fermentation.

The Best Cellars View:
This is a fine and individualistic NZ Sauv Blanc that is not just overt and pungent, but a subtly savoury and faintly nutty side, to supplement the green citrus, under-played passionfruit and grapefruit aromas. It carries a little texture on the palate, has a mineral tang on the finish, supported by lingering, but well rounded acidity. Not a complete reinvention of the classic style, but one with more nuance and balance than is always the case.