Haart Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling Kabinett 2021


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Region: Mosel, Germany
Grape: Riesling
First Glance: complexelegant, off dry Riesling

Julian Haart is a rising star in the truest sense of the word. He only started making his own wine in 2011, but the small production is already tightly allocated all around the world, and the wines are some of the finest expressions of Mosel Riesling kicking around. Julian's Riesling-prowess didn't appear out of thin air. He has learned the ropes from working at some of the most elite addresses in German wine, including Keller, Heymann-Löwenstein and Egon Müller. No wonder then, that a bit of stardust has rubbed off on this young winemaker.

Goldtropfchen ('drops of gold') is a large and historically significant vineyard in the centrally located "Mittel Mosel". Already in 300 AD, the Romans were making wines from these dramatically inclined slate-rich hill sides, that still to this day grow some of the world's finest Riesling.

Grapes for the Kabinett style are picked a little later in the season, to allow the fruit to accumulate extra must-weight from sugar content, and to further develop aroma. Most often the wines are fermented to off-dryness, to balance out the naturally high acidity.