Frederick Stevenson Bianco 2022


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Region: Adelaide Hills
Grapes: Vermentino (43%), Inzolia (43%), Pecorino (14%)
First Glance: Citrus, Mineral, Waxy

The Wine:
All from the Parish Hill Vineyard in Uraidla, Adelaide Hills. Just above 500m with a west facing orientation on a steep slope. With the cooler and wetter growing season, some leaf plucking and delayed picking was necessary in the Vermentino to get some flavour in. Pecorino was picked at the end of March, Inzolia a week after and the Vermentino a week after that. All hand picked separately, with a day or two of maceration post de-stemming and then fermented in neutral oak and left on lees until racking in October and Bottling in November.

Vermentino leads the charge with its lemon centric nose and feel, with backgrounds of hay, meadow flowers and licks of salinity. Inzolia brings a bit of breadth and some cinnamon spiced phenolics to the mouth feel and gives a touch of tropical fruit into the flavour spectrum. Inzolia also tempers the strong acid lines of both the Vermentino and Pecorino. Pecorino adds a touch of oil upfront in the pallet and licks of spiced pear and quince. Enjoy with some snacks or food, preferably with the ocean in sight.