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The Gin

Native to China, Tibet and Japan, yuzu is a citrus fruit with amazing aromatics that are a mix of lemon, mandarin, cumquat and grapefruit.

Four Pillars first dabbled with yuzu when they made Pure Kisumé Gin in 2017, then Changing Seasons Gin in 2019 and then fate played its part in early 2020, when what should literally land on their doorstep but some fresh, perfect yuzu grown up the road in the Ovens Valley. Clearly, yuzu was calling.

Later in 2020 they released their most distinctly yuzu-powered gin under the guise of the limited-edition Rarer Dry Gin. So here we are. Three limited-edition yuzu gins later and they are ready to launch the stand-alone and permanent Fresh Yuzu Gin.

The yuzu brings a mix of lemon, mandarin, cumquat and grapefruit aromatics – all bright and fresh citrus notes – while the addition of finger lime adds some deeper citrus character.

Learning from those adventures making gin with Japanese friends, we’ve used ginger, turmeric and sencha genmaicha, a Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice, for depth of flavour. A canvas of strong pine-needle juniper, and a bit of lemon myrtle adds a touch of lemon curd.

Their latest citrus obsession meets Japanese-inspired botanicals.