Farr Rising Gamay 2023


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Region: Geelong
Grapes: Gamay
First Glance: Vibrant, Earthy, Savoury, Red Fruited

The Wine:
This is the tenth release of Farr Rising Gamay, and if ever asked about his approach to sites on the property, Nick will always say that it takes him 10 years to truly understand the variety that is planted on each soil type, and for the vines to truly express themselves through vine age and root depth.  Either that or he is simply a very slow learner!

The grapes are hand-picked and sorted in the vineyard, then placed in the tank as whole bunches. The tank is sealed and left for 10 days to ferment naturally and release carbonic fruit aromas. The fruit is foot stomped, pressed on days 11 and 12, and then placed in five-year-old barrels to finish the fermentation process. The wine is bottled eight months later.

The nose of the Gamay, so far, is fruitful at first before opening up to reveal berry flavours with earthy and gamey notes. The palate is full of red berry fruits with savoury undertones. The structure is long, earthy and lingering. With vibrant acidity and defined tannins, this wine is full of flavour.