Dr Edge "Chard-ennui" 2023


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Region: Tasmania
Grapes: Chardonnay, Riesling
First Glance: Textural, Mineral, Lean

The Wine:
Dr Edge 'Chardennui'  is a blend of three Chardonnay Vineyards from the Tamar Valley and East Coast regions in Tasmania.  Around 15% of the Chardonnay was  foot stomped and fermented on skins to add a hit of texture.  Old oak puncheons fermented the rest with a tiny tiny dash of Riesling in there for extra fruit motivation. 

A fresh, fun and flavour-packed Chardonnay. It’s a nice take on a modern Aussie Chardonnay that is clean bright and fresh with texture and gorgeous flavours of lime lemon orange through to pear and peach.  Once you taste you’ll be back for more but hurray as there is very little.

"Chardennui is anything but tired or listless. Level of Dissatisfaction is up to you." - Peter Dredge, Winemaker