Domaine William Fevre Petit Chablis 'Le Crioux' 2014 - Museum Release


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Region: Chablis
Grapes: Chardonnay
First Glance: Mineral, Aged, Zippy, Fresh

The Wine:
Well this is a bit special, isn't it? It's not every day you come across perfectly aged Chablis (coming up to 10 years old now) straight from the Domaine at such an incredible price. We opened a bottle recently to check how much the wine had progressed and we're telling you now - it has barely moved an inch! We tasted it blind and were sure it was a 3-4 year old Chenin Blanc from Saumur. Wild!

It's a testament to the superb 2014 vintage in Chablis. There is some development in the form of denser palate weight and notes of beeswax and lanolin but the fruit it still pure and zippy, with beautiful oyster shell salinity and a long creamy finish. Very special, and very limited!