Bests Great Western Foudre Ferment Riesling 2023


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Region: Grampians
Grapes: Riesling
First Glance: Textural, Aromatic, Zingy, Concentrated

The Wine:

The aromatic Riesling juice is given extended skin contact then wild fermented in large French oak foudre (barrels), one made by Marc Grenier in France and the other by the Schneckenleitner family in Austria. The wine exhibits both the complexities of a barrel ferment and spontaneous fermentation without the overt oak flavour, due to the large size and subtlety of the foudre.

The Foudre Ferment is a representation of another facet of Riesling’s charms. The aromatic characteristics of this wine are best appreciated in the short to medium term, but this wine will gain complexity over the next ten years or so.