Yes Miss Pinot Noir 2021


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"Lockdown was hard on everyone, thankfully in Tassie we didn't gave to do it for very long. While were in lockdown in 2020, Mum had to home school my little brother and sister and being the child I am, I named her - Miss Holyman.
This name has stuck and now when she tells us what to do, everyone in the family says "Yes Miss" to her. 
This was a great name for a wine brand once I got the chance to make a business at school this year for a subject. After talking to dad for a while we decided I would purchase 1 Tonne from him to start this business. 
The grapes were destemmed and put into a fermenter for 2 weeks. The wine was then pressed and put into barrel; after 4 months in old oak, it was bottled just a couple of months ago. Bow your are reading this thinking "Yes Miss" would be a good purchase." 
Oscar Holyman 

The Review

"Made by Oscar Holyman (16), the name refers to Lou Holyman, who during home schooling was called ‘Miss Holyman’, hence the name ‘Yes Miss’. Also says Yes Miss Global on the back, which may or may not be the brand name, and because I like it, I’m going with a double Yes Miss here. I’m also giving myself 95 points for the impromptu bottle shot with our XMAS tree in the background. Oh, and this comes from the purchase of one tonne of Pinot Noir, destemmed and put into old oak for four months.

Good perfume, red cherry and raspberry, a little spice and clay-like earthiness. Medium-bodied, red fruit, a smattering of dried herb, lovely fine graphite feel to tannin, kind of juicy, but also shows some restraint. Finish is lively and firm, with a subtle twist of bergamot. Really good drinking. Oscar is on top of things here." 93Pts, Gary Walsh, The Wine Front