Yangarra Hickinbotham Vineyard Grenache 2019


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This is our first release of this wine, and it is the only wine we make that is not sourced form the Yangarra Estate. However, we felt with Grenache being our speciality, that this small plot (0.9 ha) of Grenache planted in 1962 was incredibly well-suited to our portfolio of single block wines.


The 2019 growing season was very dry, which resulted in incredibly low yields. We had a relatively warm lead up to the ripening period, which produced a very condensed and fast harvest. These late ripening varieties faired very well in a season like this, giving rise to concentration, freshness of flavour and marked natural acidity.


Hand-picked on the 9th of March and mechanically berry sorted. 100% destemmed, crushed and tipped into 1800 L ‘cocciopesto’ stone egg shaped amphoras. The fermentation occurred in the amphoras, with a gentle maceration of only wetting the cap, and remained on skins for 90 days. No pressings are used in this wine. Matured exclusively in the amphora for a further 8 months. Bottled March 2020.


96 POINTSThe Real Review, Aaron Brasher, April 2021