South By Southwest Arancia 2020


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The hand-harvested fruit was cooled on skins for 12 hours and then pressed. The juice was then added to neutral French oak barriques, which were half filled with un-pressed, Chenin Blanc whole berries. This was then left to ferment and mature with the whole berries and on solids for 9 months. During fermentation and maturation no sulphur was added and malolactic fermentation was encouraged. After 9 months the berries and wine was removed from the barrels before being pressed again and then bottled – unfined and unfiltered with minimal sulphur.

In a glass this wine is pale orange, with a hazy almost cloudy appearance when disturbed and the lees are suspended.

Dominated by white flowers and gentle citrus aromatics on the nose.

The palate presents as a skinsey, savoury, textural wine with notes of pears, honeydew melon, and a balanced level of phenolics and acidity on the finish.

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