South By South West Arancia 2019

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The 2019 ‘Arancia’ Must Ferment Semillon Sauvignon Blanc is must ferment, skin contact wine. The name ‘Arancia’ comes directly from the distinct orange colour achieved by this wine. Arancia means orange in Italian.

Basically, it is a white wine, made in the style of red wine. We chose to make a skin contact wine like this to continue our focus on producing food paired wines. Skin contact white wines are fantastic food wines, and show off other qualities of the grapes and terroir and winemaking than non-skin contact white wines.

Our ‘Arancia’ is an interesting wine and can be a polarising wine for those that prefer conventional style white wines. We have made a small batch to showcase the different style and add another colour of wine to our repertoire.

This wine is un-fined, and un-filtered. It was bottled with some lees in the bottle to keep providing that textural element we think makes this wine.