Quealy Spendido 2021


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Region: Mornington Peninsula
Grapes: Moscato Bianco
First Glance: Aromatic, Nutty, Expressive 

The Wine:
"Metodo Ancestrale is the pre-industrial method of sparkling wine, finishing their primary fermentation in bottle. We nurture the ferment with air, warmth and zero sulphur so this Moscato Bianco is breathlessly fragrant as the yeast create natural effervescence. The crown seal is the best seal for zero sulphur wine (we think)." - Quealy Wines

 Fine pale gold with great clarity and persistent bead. Delicate wafts of white flowers & wisteria. A heady mixture of orange, lemon and peach blossom. Perhaps a hint of amaretti biscuit beating from the back of the palate.