Morris Smoked Muscat Single Malt Whisky 700ml


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Adding to the line-up of award winning MORRIS Australian single malt whiskies, this limited release Smoked Muscat expression brings together three unique elements; Single Malt Whisky, award-winning fortified Muscat barrels, and heavily-charred oak, to create a whisky with unrivalled complexity and unique depth of character.

Born from a collaboration between our Head Distiller and Head Cooper, they pushed the boundaries of experimenting with the barrel-charring process. The resulting whisky is the perfect marriage of dry-biscuit maltiness, rich luscious raisin fruits, soft wood-aged characters and a lingering subtle smokiness.

COLOUR: Honey hues with polished jarrah heart.

NOSE: A combination of clean white smoke mingling with raisin fruits and blackberry jam initially. The smoke dissipates to release the rich and complex Morris Muscat characters.

PALATE: Hints of charred pineapple with a light dusting of smoked paprika. Dark sugars appear without any cloying character, followed by the elegant acidity of crisp apple which evolves leaving a dry finish on the palate.

FINISH: The flavours shift gear on the palate leaving you feeling like you’ve just experienced chili infused dark chocolate, dipped in subtle smoked apple jam.

STYLE: Australian Single Malt Whisky 
ABV: 48.3%
REGION: Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia
SIZE: 700mL