Moreau-Naudet Petit Chablis 2020


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The Wine

Moreau’s Petit Chablis comes from a single 2.5-hectare site in Beine, just outside Chablis on the way to Auxerre. It has a southwest orientation and lies on Kimmeridgian soils (as opposed to the higher Portlandian soils on which most Petit is grown). Half of the plot is home to 25- to 30-year-old vines, while the other half is somewhat older at 45 to 50 years old. Naturally fermented, this wine was vinified in large vats of 32 to 100 hectolitres.

This really has some gravitas and charisma for a Petit Chablis. The nose is a brew of youthful vivacity, its freshness and elegance tinged with green citrus fruit studded with wet stone and brine. It has thirst-quenching acidity balanced by a sensuous mid-palate, delivering delicious clarity of lip-smacking pithy lemon and green apple flavour. The finish shimmers with crystalline minerality and juicy crunch. Super juice!