Mada Pet Nat 2021


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Loaded with green apple, smashed lime pulp and yuzu.

A new addition to the line-up, and a lively specimen at that. We have pursued various styles of Petillant Naturel wines through our Sui Generis series of wines, and feel the time is right for one to become a mainstay in our range. A vibrant, expressive version, made from high country Tumbarumba Prosecco this year.

Grown by one of the pioneers of the Tumbarumba region, Frank Minutello, who’s 1981 planting was the first producing vineyard in the region. From tobacco, to cattle, and then grapes, Frank led what was a familiar path for many viticulturalists in the region. This fruit being young grafts of Prosecco in Tumbarumba where there is a slow progression towards more sustainable viticulture in the NSW high country.

Ten hours cold soak, firmly pressed to steel for cold settling. Primary fermentation in steel, before being transferred to bottle in early April with full solids. Just good fizz.

Vineyard: Frank Minutello. Tumbarumba, NSW.

Planted: 2015

Soil type: Red Podzolic Granite

Picking date: March 1

Picking method: Hand harvested.

Processing: Moderate pressings included for added tannin extract.

Fermentation: 100% in steel before transfer straight to bottle at approximately 14.5g/L residual sugar in early April.

Filtration: No

Alc: 12.0%