Gunderloch ‘Fritz’s’ Riesling 2019


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Fritz's Riesling grows in a very small and special part of Rheinhessen called the Roter Hang, a name meaning “red hill “due to its red-slate soils. The Roter Hang is located between the village of Nackenheim and the village of Nierstein, 20km south of the city of Mainz. The red colour comes from a high proportion of minerals and iron in the soil. The vineyards are very close to the river Rhine, face south-east and they have steep slopes. The combination of those four factors - the red slate soil, the proximity to the river, the exposure to the sun and the steepness of the vineyards - are perfect for producing wonderful ripeness.  An elegant, citrussy nose follows onto a fresh, tropical fruit palate with lots of white peach, spice and a slate-like mineral quality. Off-dry, with a backbone of fresh acidity balances the wine perfectly. Dry, fresh and full of character.

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