Dr Edge Tasmania Riesling 2019

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“Pressed to old oak casks, the juice is fermented naturally, matured for 9 months on lees with some casks containing small amounts of whole clusters. Bottled without fining.” I’m a bit fed up of fining myself, after copping a 10km over double demerit speeding ticket over the XMAS period. Six points. It’d never happen in Italy, I can tell you that much for free. NSW is no place for an Alfa Romeo driver. I’m thinking of trading down to a somnambulist’s dream car soon, something like a Camry.

Green apple, lime, barley sugar and white flowers, a thick and rich texture, cheese rind and lemon rind, but intense lime acidity pulses through it, and there’s grip and energy to go. Finish is full-flavoured, lime cordial, zest and spice, and very long and sure. Almost blows your hair back, which perhaps won’t be experienced by some, but I’m feeling very Barry Gibb in a wind tunnel at present. You can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a Dr. Edge man, no time to talk.

95 Points, Gary Walsh, The Winefront