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Dr Edge Pinot Noir 2019

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There’s no East, North or South this year, just Tasmania. Smoke taint took out one of the vineyard sources in 2019. This is 50% East Coast (Hazards), 30% Tamar (Holyman) and 20% Piper’s Brook (Bird Bird Bird, Bird is the Word).

It’s light and lucid, a bright cherry sweetness layered with spice and a bit of wetsuit style reduction, and a little fresh mint and rosy perfume. Tannin is light and fine-grained, just tugging away gently through the palate, a coolness of acidity, almost an alpine freshness here, with some dried leaf and mulch layering in some complexity. Finish is more autumn leaf stuff, but pure of fruit underneath, ripe raspberries, and quite long. Oak is not a feature of the wine. It’s a very good thing to drink.