Crawford River Riesling MAGNUM 2018


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The Wine

This wine is in its infancy and has a long life ahead of it.  Blossoms of lime and apple lift the nose, together with talc and delicate white stone fruit.  The front palate is soft and supple with fruit and blossom in equal measure, together with taut, mineral overtones.  The generosity of the introduction is followed by a fine, mineral-wrapped palate with polished texture and supple, natural acidity.  Layered and fine, the wine exudes confidence and finesse, while the poised, balance acidity lends terrific length to a wine that will surely age magnificently. Crawford River

The Review

"Crawford River wines always bring a smile to me dial. Such a good producer, unnervingly consistent, unique site and reflection in the wines, and geez, the quality aint hard to miss. The ‘estate’ riesling here. Feel the velocity.

Sheesh, this has some get up and go. It hits the turbo button on launch with a volume of concentrated citrus fruit and green apple flavours, intense, pulsing, pure and so damn tangy, whooshing across the palate in a laser beam of riesling tang. Complex, compelling, succulent and tight, almost grippy in texture, yes a bit chalky, and starbursts with fresh acidity to finish in the next township over. It’s wicked drinking, shows us what quality, potent and detailed riesling looks like with time to go in cellar. It’s so good."

95Pts, Mike Bennie, Winefront

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