Crawford River 'Nektar' Riesling (375ml) 2016


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Characters of oranges and red grapefruit - both fresh fruit and pithy marmalade elements - lead the charge in this exquisite wine.  These, coupled with fleshy peach mingle on the palate, with layered texture moulding the mid palate and a lively line of acid driving the wine throughout.  While sweetness is present, it is balanced beautifully by both acid and alcohol making it dangerously drinkable.  Intense yet fresh, structured yet delicate, this wine is a pleasure to drink and should age magnificently.  

The fruit was firstly separated to employ 2 processing techniques, then subsequently pressed together.  Some of the grapes were picked to shallow picking bins containing about 130kgs of fruit and foot stomped with sparkly clean gumboots, then left to macerate overnight.  This fruit was subsequently pressed with the remaining bins containing whole bunch fruit only.  Settled in tank for a couple of days, then racked, the resultant juice was exquisite.  Fermented in stainless steel until the desired level of balance was reached.  Fermentation was stopped by chilling and racking off lees. 
Residual Sugar:  152gms

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