Compagnie des Indes Spiced Rum 700ml


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The young Frenchman Florent Beuchet started Compagnie des indes in 2014, quickly establishing himself as one of the more prominent international independent bottlers of rum. Sourcing rums from distilleries all over the world, blended and single barrel versions alike, the bottlings include rum from practically every sugarcane distilling nation.

Relatively new to the stable, the Spiced rum is a blend of 80% Dominican Republic juice with the balance a Venezuela spirit. This is, despite the moniker, the real deal.
With only a moderate 15g sugar/L, no hocus-pocus coloring or essence flavorings, and naturally infused with black pepper, ginger, liquorice, vanilla and nutmeg for 2 weeks. 

The review:
We could not put it more eloquently than Florent himself even if we tried our best (and we did, so enjoy the eloquent words of the man himself: 

"Nose: Balanced between the sweetness from the notes of nutmeg, vanilla and the touch of cinnamon and the spicy powerful side with the notes of ginger, pepper and the touch of citruses. It is intoxicating and shows strong character.

Taste: The word Spiced makes complete sense here with first this balanced sweetness soon making way for the citruses and spices such as ras el Hanout and cloves, building up to a woody and warming notes of liquorice, tonka bean, vanilla and some vegetal  aromas (Thyme, coriander etc…). 

Finish: cradled in a delicious sweet and salty world, as if floating on Aladdin’s flying carpet."
Florent Beuchet