By Farr 'Farrside' Pinot Noir 2020


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The Wine

Great deep  colour, and sweet spice aromas, with a much firmer palate than we see in the Sangreal.  These wines have a perfect fade from fruit to structure, a velvet like character, really complex texture.  It’s darker, firmer edged and more upright.  You can taste a fresher fruit note, black cherries and plums and a sense of fine oak.  Really impressive.

The fruit is hand-picked and sorted in the vineyard, then fermented in an open-top fermenter. Between 40 to 50 per cent of the fruit will be stemmed and then cold soaked for four days. We use only the natural yeast for the fermentation process, which takes roughly 12 days. Grape-stomping (known as pigeage) will occur two to three times a day depending on the amount of extraction required, and the wine is then placed in 50 to 60 per cent new Allier barrels by gravity. It is racked by gas after secondary fermentation, then again at 18 months to be bottled.