Billecart Salmon Brut NV

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Look : 

Reflet or pale gold is distinguished by the finesse of its slowly rising bubbles and by its abundant and persistent foam.

Scent : 

Maturity tinged with flowery freshness that exudes aromas of fresh fruit and ripe pear.

Mouth : 

Frank and precise attack, followed by a brilliant freshness. A rich bouquet which testifies to its aging in traditional cellars.

Taste : 

Complicit at all times, is perfect for an aperitif. It also accompanies the simplest as well as the most elaborate dishes.

Serving temperature: 8 °

30% Pinot Noir from the Montagne de Reims and the Grande Vallée de la Marne

30% Chardonnay from the different vintages of the Marne

40% Pinot Meunier from the Marne Valley and the Coteaux Sud of Epernay