Arfion Pinot Grigio 2021


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The Wine

Yarra Valley soils naturally produce a style of PG that sits in between our old world counterparts of Italy and France. We call this wine Pinot grigio because it’s dry with an acid backbone and a savoury character. It exhibits brown pear, spicy cinnamon, fig and red apple skin aromas with a hint of baked pastry. The palate is fresh and textural with stone fruit, fennel and pear flavours.

Yarra Station Vineyard – Yarra Glen - Lower Yarra – 75%

Sourced from the Yarra Station vineyard of the lower Yarra Valley. These vines sit on a very steep south facing slope of granite and grey clay soils that have ironstone running throughout.

Napoleone Vineyard – Coldstream – Lower Yarra – 19%

From a slightly north facing slope of light brown, duplex clay loams in the Lower Yarra Valley.

Gunnabee Vineyard – The Patch – Upper Yarra – 6%

A beautiful north-east facing slope of dark brown and red, volcanic soils in the Upper Yarra Valley.