Arfion Fever 2020


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A colourful mix of pink and orange, Fever has a vibrant nose of red apple, lychee, citrus zest and nashi pear. It has a bright palate with a juicy texture and a chalky white tannin grip.

Wine is the sum of a vast number of natural and cultural elements. Some we can control, some we can’t. This makes for serendipitous and exciting wine making.

These elements don’t work in isolation, they collide and interact to make wine unique and terroir driven. Because these elements continuously change, the wine we make in one vintage will never look the same as the last.

Fever is our own particular expression of Yarra Valley terroir and the interactions of the vintage.

Sitting under the umbrella of orange or skin contact wine, it is a co-fermented blend of 6 different varieties from 5 different vineyards that are each a perfect reflection of their soils.

The proportion of each variety and vineyard fluctuates every year, as we impulsively make harvest decisions on the fly.

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