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The Yangarra philosophy centres around producing wines solely from their single-vineyard estate, where their bush-vine Grenache is the keystone variety. The wines of Yangarra are certified biodynamic and organic. Yangarra is an award winning winery that does not use chemicals or pesticides in their farming. The result of these Earth friendly practices has lead to producing fruit that are of healthier quality, and thus delivering wines that are a purer expression of their varietals.

"With our feet firm in history, and our eyes on the horizon, Yangarra Estate now exists to deliver the essence of this beautiful place to your glass.

McLaren Vale folks like to think that their region on the Gulf St Vincent, patron of viticulturers, has the best Mediterranean climate on Earth. 

With this foremost in mind, Yangarra Estate is devoted solely to producing wines from the best grape varieties of the southern Rhone, which lies on the north-west Mediterranean coast.

Yangarra's combination of rare geologies, moderate altitude, abundant sunshine and cool evening breezes make it perfect for growing varieties that thrive in these moderate maritime environments.

Our respect of this special piece of country is evident in the wines we make from its grapes - every Yangarra Estate wine is a confident reflection of the nature of this land." - Yangarra Estate

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