A definite cult producer in the making here, first time hitting to our shores, get on the slope train early or you will be left standing at the station with no hydration. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.
Thibaud Capellaro is a young winemaker hailing from Condrieu. We where introduced to the Thibaud’s wines via a recommendation of our certified Rhone expert - Adam Foster from Syrahmi (Thibaud did vintage in 2018 at Syrahmi). Thibaud's first wines are very promising, showing he is not afraid to find his own path and venture outside of the comfort zone of the regional conventions in Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu. Thibaud originally left school to do business studies but then forged his own path in wine. A native son of the Rhone Valley, he has now set up his own project in Condrieu following experiences working with winemakers in France like - André Perret, Domaine Joblot, Chateau le Devay and Domaine Duclaux. After first renting a basement, he recently moved to a new winery with all the room he needs to experiment and grow.
Thibaud’s Slope project is a negociant project, in which he sources grapes from different farmers and winemakers in the region, all organic and all working on a small scale. The vineyards are in Ardèche, on the St. Joseph appellation, and the Rhône, on the “Monts du Lyonnais”, an area that usually produces the “Coteaux du Lyonnais.”
We are excited about these new wines and recommend you get in touch asap they are super limited.