Mount Mary needs little introduction, no cellar or wine list is complete without the wines of Mount Mary featuring. Production is small, quality is extremely high. Unfortunately, we only get a small allocation of the gems and they always go quickly. If you have not been acquainted with the wines of Mount Mary, do yourself a favour and try a couple of bottles, give them pride of place in your cellar and show some patience and restraint, you will be rewarded for your investment.
Cheers, Best Cellars

The consensus seems to be that the Quintet edged it again. “If there were a dictionary of wine, this would be listed under the word ‘class’.” That was Gary Walsh’s view. His Wine Front teammate Campbell Mattinson declared that it might be his wine of the year, while James Halliday pronounced it the best Bordeaux blend released in Australia this year. But such is the trajectory at Mount Mary, there’s nothing but bright spots among this relentlessly awesome foursome from the Middleton family’s hallowed patch.

The start of the 2018 growing season in the Yarra Valley saw particularly high rainfall in November and December (2017). Having successfully navigated our way through a period of excessively high disease pressure in the vineyard we were optimistic about the rest of the season with such fantastic water content in our soils. What we weren’t to know was the rain we received around Christmas time would be our last major rain event for over three months! Coupled with this extremely dry and warm three months were bigger than average crops, resulting in a very busy green harvest period. In some of the heavier blocks we dropped up to 50% of the fruit on the ground. This is a critical process in such a year to return balance to the vines and ensure we produce the highest quality of wine we possibly can. – Sam Middleton, Mount Mary