It's time for you to meet Hamish...

Best Cellars are going live again, this time we have the pleasure of hosting Hamish Young of Mada wines. Hamish is the guy behind some of the most delicious and drinkable wines to come out of the Canberra wine scene. We have been up on our soapbox for some time speaking the good word of Mada wines and we are not alone, Mike Bennie, one of this nations finest wine scribes also touted Hamish's fine wines and even finer hair.

"Mada Wines should be put on your list of wines to watch, or indeed to buy a bit of, then probably a lot of. This is wine produced by young winemaker Hamish Young, who has spent a good portion of time under and next to Nick Spencer at Eden Road Wines in Canberra District. He’s not run at this project either; instead, he seems to have done a fair bit of osmosis from wine growers, winemakers, wine shows, drinking in general and asking lots of questions. Or so I interpret."
Mike Bennie

If you don't want to miss the live stream, jump onto @BestCellarsSyd to keep up to date future live streams and all things vinous at Best Cellars. Cheers, Best Cellars

Live Stream
Wednesday 24 June,