Originally a Brisbane native, Luke Lambert has long been considered a rising star in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Having caught the wine bug early, the young would-be winemaker toured around wine regions in France and Italy, looking for inspiration and experience. Lambert took a special interest in the wines of Piedmont with their structured and savoury profiles, and had the vision to bring that style of wine to his native Australia, where the wine-scene at the time was dominated by big and bold point-bashing juice. 

Set up in the cooler climate of Upper Yarra Valley, the range is centered around the "Estate bottlings" of Chardonnay and purposefully named Syrah, both restrained and layered in style. Lambert also offers the "Crudo" range, aiming for an earlier approachable and slightly more giving style of those varieties. For their price bracket, they offer some of the most serious and smart drinking currently available on the market. The pinnacle of Luke's offering is his Nebbiolo from the granite rich south-east facing Denton View Hill vineyard, an effort to express his vision of a more restrained and savoury side of Aussie wine.

Across the board the wines are made from single vineyard, hand-picked fruit. No additions of cultured yeasts, no fining or filtration and only large format oak is employed. Ever-evolving, Luke has recently stopped all his wine consulting to focus 100% on his personal project. Maybe this is a good time to consider ditching the "rising"-prefix, and quietly accept that the Luke Lambert is a shining star in the Yarra Valley.